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A fire aboard your vessel can be nothing short of terrifying. In my opinion, it’s the worst possible thing that can happen on a boat. Depending on the severity, it can leave you cleaning up a mess, dead-ship, stranded in a life raft or worse. Having the proper firefighting and suppression equipment aboard is absolutely vital. Here are some fire safety tips for any vessel:

1. Have appropriate fire extinguishers in every cabin, common area, machinery space, and galley onboard. You can read about different types of extinguishers and fires here:

2. Have extra extinguishers and fire blankets next to stoves, ovens, and BBQ grills.

3. Install smoke detectors in all cabins, common areas, machinery spaces and galleys.

4. Maintain your firefighting equipment. Have your extinguishers and automatic suppression systems checked by a professional annually. In addition, do a safety check monthly and before any trip to make sure all extinguishers are still full and accessible. Check with the manufacturer of your equipment periodically to be aware of any potential product recalls.

5. Have a safety plan posted in cabins and common areas illustrating where safety equipment and fire extinguishers are throughout your vessel.

Safe travels and happy sailing!

**** Kidde has an active recall on certain fire extinguishers. Check all of your equipment to see if it is affected. You can find out more about the recall here:

**** First Alert has an active recall on extinguishers. Find out more here:

Boat fire in the US Virgin Islands



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